VirtualVU evolved from SportVU technology, one of the world's premiere sports player tracking solutions. The unique algorithm elements of player tracking technology combine with innovative 3D image rendering capabilities to bring ground-breaking broadcast effects to the screen.

VirtualVU made history by producing the "hologram" effect for CNN's 2008 presidential election coverage. The network earned the highest primetime rating in their 28-year history, and VirtualVU quickly became the most talked about element of election coverage. Footage from CNN's groundbreaking coverage can be seen here.

Since its debut on CNN, VirtualVU has continued to evolve and expand upon its capabilities. By April 2009, VirtualVU was able to demonstrate two new applications of the technology at the NAB Show. The technology allowed for standalone virtual studio broadcasts to be brought to air through the use of the remote rig and our proprietary software. Additionally, innovative software developments allowed us to demonstrate 360 degree analysis, a ground-breaking new highlight tool for sports and entertainment.

Ongoing development VirtualVU will continue to allow broadcasters to connect virtual elements with real world environments. Currently we are working to bring location based graphics to the air, which would allow location-specific graphics to be triggered based on the talent's position within a studio.

These developments will allow VirtualVU to continue to bring unique and innovative effects to the screen, pushing the boundaries of creativity and revolutionizing key elements across various areas of broadcast.