The 3D remote interview was introduced as the "hologram" effect during CNN's 2008 presidential election coverage. Utilizing VirtualVU's remote rig setup, an array of cameras is able to capture images of the remote subject from a variety of angles. Servers then take information from the main studio tracking cameras and generate a 3D model of the remote subject from the exact perspective that is being captured in the main studio. These images are then combined and displayed to the viewer as if both subjects are standing side-by-side in a real-world main studio or virtual set, creating the appearance of an engaging, face-to-face conversation.

3D Remote Interview Applications
Live Event Coverage
  • Bring in a reporter from news-making events (i.e. elections, conventions, trials)
  • Bring star athletes or coaches into your main studio
  • Allow for star participation at award shows regardless of distance
  • Bring stars into your studio from red carpet events or press junkets
Studio Shows
  • Connect bureau-to-bureau
  • Have interactive group interviews
  • Establish a new bureau setup for constant contributor discussion
  • Bring in the experts for face-to-face panel discussions
  • Establish a new bureau setup for a constant connection between entertainment hotspots